Registered Designs

If you have designed a new product you can register that design to prevent people from copying it. The look of your design will include its appearance, physical shape, decoration, and how its different parts fit together. All of these aspects will be protected if you register the design.

Registering your design will give you the right to use exclusively for up to 25 years and will make it more straightforward to take legal action against anybody who infringes against it.

In order to register your design you will need to send us illustrations so we can see precisely what it is you want to register. The illustrations can include drawings, photos, and prints. The design itself must be new, have individual character, be un-offensive, and not make use of any protected emblems such as the Olympic rings.

We can help you with all aspects of registering designs and can advise on the enforcement and protection of designs whether registered or unregistered. We also deal with renewal of registered designs. We can help not only with UK and EU Registered Designs, but also other countries throughout the world. Below is a list of some of our prices for UK and EU designs but please feel free to call us to get an accurate price for any work you may need us to do for you.

  • Single UK Design £200 plus £50 government fees
  • Additional UK Design £20 per design plus £20 government fees for up to 10 designs
  • Single EU Design £280 plus €350 government fees
  • Additional EU Design £100 per design plus €40 government fees per design
  • Applying for a change of name from £110
  • Applying for a transfer of ownership from £150
  • Applying to register a licence to use a Registered Design from £250

Renewal of Registered Designs. A registered design is protected for an initial period of 5 years after which it may be renewed for further 5 year period up to 25 years maximum. The costs for renewal depend on the number of years it has been registered; the longer it’s registered the higher the government fees. Please contact us to obtain accurate quotes for renewing your registered designs.